Sarah Morgan meets Kat Von D

Sarah Morgan meets artist and beauty entrepreneur Kat Von D to talk tattoos, shoes, mohawks and make-up.

Kat’s make-up line launches in the UK on 13th September 2016 exclusively at and, and in store at Debenhams Oxford Street from 5th October. More details here:



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  • Fashion Limbo

    ooooohhh that tattoo-like eyeliner sounds like my kind of thing. Enjoyed watching the video but can’t help lusting (STILL!) after Sarah Morgan’s pink hair, it’s gorgeous. Ever since she wrote that Pinks Not Dead post I am obsessed.

    • Debra Brock

      I’m looking forward to trying the range out too. And Sarah’s hair is fabulous!

  • Kath GTL

    I love Kat’s lipstick in the video; what shade is it?

    • Debra Brock

      I’ll ask x

  • Mac Marsha

    The Tattoo liner is really very good, I like the everlasting lipstick too I have Exorcism and L.U.V. great for a bit of drama on a night out.

  • missskyhighflyhigh

    I’m desperately seeking the Sarah’s Valley of the Dolls T-shirt. It seems to have sold out everywhere. Does anyone know where I can still get one?

  • Beklet

    I’m definitely looking into the eyeliner and maybe those palettes. The textures sound incredible.

  • We are loving those colors, they look like fun to style and use!

    ISA Professional

  • Acidia

    I was looking forward to this interview, and enjoyed most of it, but found it slightly cringeworthy when Sarah said she was a fan, then asked Kat whether this was her first time in London. If you even casually scroll through Kat’s Instagram she was in London a couple of months ago, and clearly is a regular visitor.

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