Triumph – Find The One

Why your perfect fitting, great looking Triumph bra is out there. And it’s a keeper.

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As someone who is on record as being bra mad, I’m so excited about a big project I’ve been working on with iconic lingerie brand Triumph. Not least because I’m also someone with a big cup size who knows how difficult it can be to find a sexy, good looking bra that fits properly to keep everything firmly and comfortably in place. Knowing that Triumph’s mission was to do something about this problem – one that affects so many women – appealed to me hugely, and why I was thrilled to get involved.

The goal of the Find The One campaign is to help 500,000 women to find ‘The One”, ie. the perfect looking, perfect fitting bra. And believe me, it’s out there. I’ve been through the Triumph fitting process myself and now have several perfect bras to show for it. Some girlfriends of mine have recently done the same – one of them to mark the end of breastfeeding by treating her changed boobs to some really fabulous lingerie, another who has spent her entire life in bras that either feel or look a bit wrong – a lump here, a pinch there, a seam in the wrong place, a red mark somewhere else. Both are thrilled with their Triumph consultation and new undies. I’ve seen the hugely positive effect a decent bra can have on our confidence, comfort and style (one of the most important jobs a bra can do, for me, is to make clothes look great over the top). Find The One is here to show women that a great-fitting bra is out there, and it’s a keeper.

To find out more about Triumph fittings and bras, and to find The One for you, go to


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