Video: In the Bathroom with Mary Greenwell pt 1

Legendary make-up artist Mary Greenwell tells Sali about life with the supermodel pack, creating the make-up for one of the most iconic photos of all time and who she’s still desperate to work with

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  • Debra Brock

    She seems so lovely. I want to move into that bathroom.

  • Linda.Belinda

    I love a short man too 🙂

  • lovestruck

    i LOVE her! brilliant!
    sali sounds well posh in this vid too!

  • Ash

    Oh. My. God. I have to confess that when I first saw one of her makeup videos on YouTube, I thought she was rather snooty, but my goodness what an utterly enchanting and captivating woman. And so gracious, funny and frank. Especially the part where she said “I don’t want that flick at the end. Get that flick away!”. I have watched that part several times now and laughed my arse off each time. Total crush. I love her. LOVE her. More please!!

    • Sali Hughes

      She is absolutely lovely. Truly. We all got a bit pissed afterwards in her kitchen.

      • Ash

        Don’t let us wait too long for part two now, will you?

        • Uma Contreras

          Yes can’t wait for part 2!

          • Sali Hughes

            Part 2 this Saturday!

  • TinaW

    What a fabulous lady, I could listen to her stories all day, very captivating. I so am waiting for her to talk about the beauty products she adores and uses. Great video Sali!

    • Sali Hughes

      All in part 2!

  • Linda.Belinda

    Great Video, Sali! I have finished watching it just now and cannot wait for part II. It was great to hear you chat and I love how each interviewee’s personality comes through when you talk to them. Lots of fun! Also, i liked her honesty about being in the right place at the right time and how this contributed to her great success. Amazing talent to be self taught and survive so long in such a competitive industry.

  • xiong_mao

    I love the in the bathroom series and this one’s a classic. Mary comes over as being warm, funny and smart. I’m really looking forward to part 2 when we can see what products she uses.

  • Margaret QoL

    She is obviously exceptional at bringing on talent. Loved the importance she attached to kindness too. Roll on Pt II.

    • lovestruck

      yep, this – so important and really chuffed people at the top of their game are increasingly placing greater importance on being kind. massively underestimated value.

  • Rea

    You do have a gift for revealing your interviewee’s true essence. I feel I know Mary Greenwell, Charlotte Tilbury, Gizzi Erskine through your interviews. You are wonderful with women, Sali. I can’t wait to read your book, so I can feel I know you that much better too.

    • Sali Hughes

      Thanks so much. Book out in September. Xx

  • mimi Smith

    I must confess that I had not heard of her before today but wow, what a great woman and so interesting. I was trying to work out her age, she looks amazing. Thanks Sali.

  • Tiziana

    Thanks Sali, amazing woman!

  • DeeDee

    Who does the intro to every video Sali, are you a musician as well as a journo and make-up artist?

    • Sali Hughes

      That’s all down to Nat Saunders, who makes them. xx

  • Sue

    Loved this, can wait for part 2!

  • Fi Nightingale

    This is one of my favourite videos yet. How lovely is Mary? And what a life. Can’t wait for part two.

  • Uma Contreras

    What a delightful interview! Whether she was a makeup artist or not, her approach to life would’ve found success. Can’t wait for part two and to dive into her medicine cabinet!

  • Lana Turner

    Fascinating video. Is there a ‘Directors Cut’?

  • Lizzie Balcombe

    I love the videos so much, and the ‘in the bathroom’ series is amazing. Knowing very little about Mary, I absolutely loved this one. What a phenomenal career, and such a warm, lovely person. So much fun to watch when she tells her stories and has to inhale so deeply because she’s laughing so much- love it! 🙂

  • Cait

    My new favourite video. What an interesting and inspiring lady. Hanging out for part 2 now.

  • Cait

    And I can’t believe how lovely and long the video was – how lucky are we.

  • Mary

    Such fun to be ‘In The Bathroom’ with you, Sali. Thank you so much for choosing me. Such an honour. See you soon, lovely one.

  • Marybeth Ali

    How cool is she?! More, please!!!

  • Rooty Tooty

    Lovely, fascinating career. She must have so many amazing stories.

  • Ceridwen

    Look forward to the next one. Mary seems really lovely and I kind of like that she seems to just want to use products that work. I love her hair…

  • Spchilton

    Fab. Made my day! Thanks Sali, what a great interview

  • sugarplumfairy

    Think this is my favourite video yet, she comes across as so warm and lovely. The importance of kindness can never be overstated! I did spend a lot of time squinting longingly at the products surrounding you both though so can’t wait for part two.

  • Amy K

    Really enjoyed this! Can’t wait for Part 2 and all the products!

  • Badgirl

    Loving this series of interviews. They never fail to cheer me up, inspire me and make me think.

  • NingNing

    I love Mary Greenwell, she is always such fun to watch, always so straightforward with the way she plays with makeup (using mostly her fingers and other tricks) and I’m always just mesmerized by the finished work she’s done! I was greatly excited to watch this video to learn more about her experiences and she was just fantastic! Very funny and rather jolly to talk with I can only imagine all the fashion gossip she must know!

    The only let-down regarding this video is unfortunately, the one who did the video. I’m really sorry to say this but Ms. Sally you should’ve had a couple of drinks before (and not after like I’ve just read in the comments) you spoke to Ms. Greenwell cos I’ve just done a pause watching the interview cos I can’t stand how enthusiastically Mary G. was retelling her stories and Sally H. was almost forced to laugh and/or pretend to find whatever Mary was saying amusing.

    I’m not a journalist or a reporter etc but I guess the crossing of the arms in front of you should be a given when you’re the one doing the interview or talking normally to people. I mean, I find it rude, cold and uninviting, I just thought you’d want people spilling their secrets to you and not turning them off.

    I apologize for this comment but I’d want to continually watch your videos and hence I had to say what I think. Please don’t find it rude cos I don’t mean this comment to sound rude but I am pretty sure I’m not the only one who noticed.

    • Sali Hughes

      I love Mary and am not remotely bored by her. She’s fantastic company and absolutely no pretence was required. It was an honour and enormous fun to interview her.

  • Kittie K

    This was wonderful. Thank you. Such an inspirational women. I just loved watching this.

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