Video: Dehydration


Sali explains how to identify dehydrated skin, and reveals the best products to fix it.


Products featured in this video:


Superdrug Hydration Range (in larger stores only)

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Range 

Institut Esthederm Intensive Hyaluronic Range

Nivea Express Hydration Primer, £3.99

Clarins Double Serum, £49.50

Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist, £20.00

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, £28

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream, £28

Chanel Hydra Beauty Range

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, 50ml, £58.00

Elemental Herbology Bio Dynamic Facial Souffle, 50ml, £44.00

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Range 






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  • Yay!! Thank you, thank you. Just what I wanted to know. Off to buy the Burt’s Bees 🙂 Love the original-style vids again x x

  • This video was a brilliant start to my Saturday! I have a quick question about the nivea primer. During the day I just wear EL perfectionist serum, then Sunsense sunscreen with LMTM over the top. Where would the primer go? Before TM? At night I use the serum again with EL hydrationist cream but I don’t think it’s doing enough. I love the sound of the Burt’s Bees, might switch to that when the hydrationist is empty. Thanks for the lovely video!

  • Rooty Tooty

    Great to see the videos back and the shower advice is really useful. I suspect I’m dry and dehydrated as well as sometimes I look glowy out if the showere and other times sore and red but I’m going to keep my eye on this. I’m looking forward to the Burt’s Bees launch as well and I might have a look at the Givenchy Hydrasparkling. I love the picture under your lamp as well!

    • Burts Bees available now, Rooty. 🙂

      • Rooty Tooty

        Thanks Debra. Clearly I wasn’t paying attention *hangs head*.

        • Not at all! Wasn’t available at the time of filming but is now! x

          • Rooty Tooty


  • katycoo

    i’m an oily dehydrate, big fan of the superdrug range. have been using the serum for a while but recently got the day cream and i really like that too. since i first heard the shower tip and have been treating my skin accordingly i have so noticed the difference. aces.

  • Ellsbells

    I’ve struggled with tight flakey dehydrated looking skin for nearly a decade – until I read one of your articles on serums and purchased my first ever serum aged 30! It has been a life changer, my skin was fixed in a matter of days and now I don’t leave the house without it. (I opted for SuperDrug as a cheap trial and am amazed)

    Having just watched this video I now realise my skin is probably more dry than dehydrated so will invest in some of the products mentioned.

    So thanks Sali, from me and my skin

  • Ruby Scarlett

    The Clinique overnight mask is going to be my next purchase. Ahhhh, a big brew and a Sali Hughes video, lovely way to start a Saturday.

  • Alkistis

    The first column on dehydration, back when, made so much sense to me and made me overhaul my whole skincare regime. I can not thank you enough for it, Sali. Great to see all these new products. I’ve already bought the Clinique CC Cream and I’m VERY interested in the Institut Esthederm range.

    Love the original style video too!

  • mooncakey

    Hi Sail,
    Thanks for this video,it’s super informative!!
    Your skin looks great in the video too 🙂

  • Mairead

    Perfect timing – my hydraluron just ran out and was looking to try something different. Also, thanks for explaining exactly what dehydration means – think I tick every box so it has confirmed that I’ve at least got my skin type right! Great video x

  • Great to see the videos back! I really struggle with acne on my chin but the skin on my cheeks, under eyes and forehead seems dry-ish or dehydrated. I can’t really tell which. When I put on make up, the skin on my cheeks and under eyes looks flaky and like I’ve applied it on top of tissue paper. However, I find that showers can aggravate my skin. Any tips as to finding out whether it’s dry or dehydrated?

  • Doran

    Great vid, thanks Sali!

  • Liza B

    Yay, it’s great to have the videos back! I think that I’m an oily dehydrated type, but prone to blocked pores AND ageing skin. Fetching. Anyway, will investigate the Burt’s Bees and Givenchy.

    Thank you Sali.

  • Claire Baker

    Hi Sali, I am 30 years old and have adult acne. It started when I was 16 and my GP put me on dianette contraceptive pill. This was the best thing ever! It cleared up my skin and was great, however because I have been on it for so long my GP has taken me off it. It has taken 3 months for the dianette to come out of my system and my spots have now returned. I have dehydrated skin, not oily and breakout around my mouth area. What products would you suggest for ADULT acne? My skin feels really uncomfortable if I use products for acne that are aimed at teenage spots. I think my spots are hormonal. Thank you

    • Hi Claire – Sali is off today, celebrating a family birthday, but will be along to answer questions from tomorrow onwards. xx

    • There is very little you can do about hormonal acne with topical products, as the the problems are beneath the skin, not on the surface. It is wise to return to your doctor about alternative medication, asking for a referral to a dermatologist if possible. For treating the symptoms, I find Proactiv very good, as well as the use of BHA skincare. Look out for products containing Salicylic Acid.

      • Claire Baker

        Thanks Sali x

        • Helen

          I have had adult acne for ages too. Salicylic Acid works a treat, removing dairy from my diet did too!!

    • Kellie

      Hi Claire,
      I saw this post, and I feel I must reply. I have been through similar circumstances as you with my acne. From antibiotics, to birth control, to accutane. Nothing worked.. I found the acne bootcamp on After only 3 months, my acne was COMPLETELY clear. I was VERY skeptical because it is a topical only treatment, and nothing topical could cure acne, right? Wrong. I would like to encourage you to check it out. I would love to tell everyone that this stuff is miraculous, and now I hardly do anything to my skin, except a quick 1 min. wash every night. Nothing else. My skin has never looked better!

  • Sparkle Motion

    I always thought I had dry skin and that skin care makes no difference. Then I tried the Superdrug rehydration line and I realised the error of my ways. Biggest change for me is not needing to exfoliate twice a week, even with HCC with a flannel. Now I exfoliate when I remember to. I am looking forward to try the Burt’s Bees line, because it is difficult to find the Superdrug range here, even in the Superdrug in Meadowhall. Thank you for bringing dehydration to my attention last year!

  • pprose

    Hello Sali! Thank you for the video and column this morning! I’m 25 and have combination (and now I think dehydrated) skin. I’m just running out of my day cream (nivea light moisturising day cream) and was wondering if I can use the nivea express hydration primer instead? Or do I need both? Thanks very much!
    p/s I’m not sure if my first post worked so apologies if there are two posts!

    • Hi! Sali is off today, celebrating a family birthday, but will be along to answer questions from tomorrow onwards. xx

  • Louise123

    So pleased the videos are back. My Saturday mornings in bed are complete once more – and a great subject to boot!


  • MitziDelBra

    The Superdrug Serum and ANR have transformed my skin. I’m desperate to try the Clinique CC cream, too! I’ve also discovered the loveliest budget hydrating moisturiser ever. I whack on a massive layer at night, it sinks in beautifully, and I wake up looking much fresher:

    • Thank you Mitzi, this is exactly what I want/need. Looks amazing, and no junk 🙂 x

  • Melody Nelson

    Fantastic informative video as usual, thanks Sali. Hi lamp! We’ve missed you xxx

  • Melody Nelson

    I’d be interested to know how the Moisture Surge overnight mask compares with Origins Drink Up?

    • Hi Melody – Sali is off today, celebrating a family birthday, but will be along to answer questions from tomorrow onwards. xx

    • Jessica Yeung

      Hi, Melody. I have used both and NARS Aqua Luminous Gel Mask. I’d say Drink Up smells nicer. The Clinique one leaves more residue on face the next morning. But the jelly-like texture of the NARS one hydrates without being sticky. Hope this helps x

  • Louise Macgregor

    Loved to see the old style video back again. Feel as if I learned something this morning. Thanks!

  • When I first read your earlier column on dehydration it was a revelation to me. It totally changed my skincare, so, THANK YOU! This is a great update and it’s pleasing to see so many new products. I had a sample of the Nivea primer and it really impressed me. I’m combination / dehydrated and recently had a sample of Givenchy Hydrasparkling which my skin loved. I might have to bite the bullet and go for it.

  • Thanks for the video Sali. I think I’ll try the burts bees cleanser when mine runs out, I love the super drug serum and night cream.

  • Ana

    Sali, thanks for the video! What are your thoughts on the Hydraluron serum? X

    • Sali is off today, celebrating a family birthday, but will be along to answer questions from tomorrow onwards. xx

    • Hydraluron does absolutely nothing for me. I feel dry and parched after using it, but I know many disagree. I definitely think it works better on oily/dehydrated types than dry/dehydrated.

      • Katie

        Hi sali
        Love you articles. You mentioned in 2011 video on serums that you liked the excerin range and rated it in your top six – now I’m confused about what is best.
        Can you clarify?

        Thank you katie

  • Cat

    I’ve used the Chanel range or a few years (miserable when there was that gap between it being taken off the shelves then re-launched!) and really rate it. Expenny, but does last a long time. So nice to see the videos back.

  • Sali is off today, celebrating a family birthday, but will be along to answer questions from tomorrow onwards. xx

  • ScrumptiousSal

    I’ve been using the Burt’s Bees day and night cream for about a month. The day cream is good but strange on me; when I first put it on, it just seems to spread on my skin without being absorbed and I really have to rub it, but once it disappears into the skin, it absorbs really quickly for makeup application. A little goes a VERY long way. The night cream feels really light on, but delivers overnight. My favourite product of the three is the mask, which is beautiful.

    • Have just ordered the mask, really happy to hear this! But I’ve got a massive bottle of Aveda Botanical Kinetcs cleanser and Loreal Youth Code night cream to go through before getting the full range!

  • Your tip for diagnosing dehydrated skin is absolutely spot-on Sali. There are pictures of me in Las Vegas, straight off a 12 hour flight and in the harsh air-con environment of a hotel and you can see immediately that my face looks ashen and dull. I was smothering it in Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream to absolutely no avail. It was only when I learned months later about skin dehydration on GTL that I realised what my skin actually needed.

    I’m a huge fan of the Eucerin Hyaluron Filler range and always apply Boots Time Delay Radience Booster immediately before doing my makeup. Dehydrated skin sorted!

  • Thanks a mil for this Sali.

  • Suzie

    Hello! Thank you so much for this. I have oily and (I think dehydrated) skin and am using the Indeed hydraluron serum. I would love to know if you think this is a good product to use. Many thanks!

    • If your skin feels nice, then great. Hydraluron does not work for me though. It leaves my skin feeling dry and tight – though I am dry/dehydrated rather than oily/dehydrated.

  • Shirley Sawyer

    Aha! This makes sense of why my skin cries out to be washed at night. My skin is definitely combination, but has much more drier patches. So I get out of the shower with my skin screeching and as tight as a drum. Using an oil at night has massively improved the tightness.
    Now I need to tackle the dehydration if only to get rid of the daily headache.

  • Yay a video. I must say I have been using the Double Serum for years, including the older formulation and I really rate it! Still waiting for the CC cream, now they’re saying July!

  • Carolyn Carter-Cash

    Great topic and fantastic old style video. I learned that my skin was dehydrated from Sali’s Guardian column – thought it was just my age., Discovering hyaluronic acid was a complete revelation, I can’t get enough of the stuff now. Lots of interesting products to try here. Good to know about the Burt’s Bees range, cheers Sali.

  • Cleo

    Thanks for this column Sali, although I’m still not totally sure what my skin type is. I think combination dehydrated… Anyway, if I am using the Clinique CC cream, does it go under my primer? I’m assuming so, but not totally sure! Thank you!

    • No, if I was wearing a CC cream I would ski[p the primer altogether, as primer goes over skincare and under make-up – CC straddles the two.

  • Grace Paul

    Hi Sali,

    Thanks for the great video! I think I’m combination skin as I still get spots and oily t-zone but my skin is also dehydrated. Should I just stick to a day moisturiser which is for combination skin and then use a moisturiser for hydrating skin at night? I’m just worried that a hydrating moisturiser in the morning might not keep my t-zone under control? And another random question, I’ve been using LM TM oil free for the past year but have been applying a moisturiser beforehand, should I be applying a separate moisturiser or just a serum before I put it on or not? I have been told so many different things! Thank you very much 🙂

    • An oil free hydrating moisturiser would offer a good middle ground here – plenty of moisture and comfort without any grease to aggravate your T-zone. However, if the LM tinted moisturiser is offering enough comfort then I personally would skip the daycream altogether and proceed straight from serum to that.


  • Beklet

    I still haven’t found my HG serum for my dehydrated but oily skin, but these give me a few more suggestions to try.

  • Ace video! I really like the sound of the Balance Me face spritz, love the idea of it as I find my face often lacks a bit of radiance and hydration later in the day. Also, I must say that your skin look AMAZING in this video Sali – so glowy and dewy, it’s reflecting the light all over the place. What have you used?! x

    • Suqqu foundation, By Terry Touche Veloutee, Clarins Mineral loose powder, Aerin Pretty Bronze Illuminating Powder.

  • Well. it’s unheard of but the Institut Estherderm stuff is cheaper here than the UK so I bought some! Or the exchange rate has improved again. Either way I’ll be hydrated.

    • It’s fantastic stuff. The cream is exceptional. x

  • The treatment (and diagnosis) of my uber hydrated skin has been revolutionised by the Wisdom of the Hughes. I perk up like a greedy boy in a cake shop every time you write on this subject, or recommend anything for dehydrated skin. You have my eternal gratitude for making my complexion look fresh as a daisy in spite of my lifestyle abuses x

  • Hurrah! Great and timely video, as with others, i wonder Sali what you think of Indeed Hydralauron as im hoping to try this soon curtesy of the lovely Nicky Noo? Last night i went to bed smoothered in Kiehl’s ovrenight mask, i did find it a bit uncomfortable but the next morning for the first time i could still feel the hydration on my skin and it felt so much more soft and comfortable so i think that it was worth it.

  • Helena Henning

    I’ve really missed your videos on Guardian so really pleased to see you’ve started doing them here instead! Like Ruby Scarlett said, there’s nothing like a cup of tea and your beauty video to start Saturday morning off!

    • The Guardian videos are definitely coming back. I’m filming four really soon.

  • Sarah_004

    After watching this I think i might have some dry skin, but have had oily spot prone skin since being a teenager, I’m now 25. Can skin change type? Its patches of dryness, but I keep getting more.

    • It sounds as though you have classic combination skin. You can control the oiliness and treat the dryness. A hydrating moisturiser is a good middle ground – it gives you comfort and moisture without grease. Sx

  • Discerning Fox

    Hello Sali, thanks for the video. How do I tell the difference between a “dehydration line” and a wrinkle? At Heathrow on Saturday the Bobbi Brown SA said that much of the lines under my eyes were dehydration lines and that their eye cream which contains peptides among other ingredients would help erase them/reduce them. Apparently peptides stimulate collagen production and help with lines/wrinkles but i don’t have them down as dehydration targeting. Anyway my bigger question is, do dehydration lines actually happen and if so, how to make them go? I have been using the superdrug dehration targeting serum, daycream and a night cream with hyaluronic acid (trilogy) for about six weeks but so far have seen no change to the undereye area.
    Thanks very much!

    • Dehydration lines are fine and crepey. Wrinkles are deeper. My personal opinion is that no cream can produce collagen in the lower layers, but they can certainly rehydrate the surface, plumping up fine dehydration lines. Sx

      • Discerning Fox

        That makes sense – thanks very much 🙂

  • Tricia

    I had ok results with the Balance Me face spritz thing, but I think the essential oils are a bit much for people with sensitive skin. I’ve had much better results with Paula’s Choice Earth Sourced toner, and after watching the video, I know why – the first three ingredients are water, glycerin and sodium hyaluronate! It’s so soothing and hydrating, it’s really a cross between a toner and a serum. I want to try the Institut Esthederm moisturiser now – I have dehydrated and slightly oily skin so I need a non-greasy moisturiser.

  • Sweetpea

    Great video Sali! Like others, I hadn’t realised my skin was dehydrated until finding your original column/video on the topic. I recently bought the Clinique Moisture Surge Intensive moisturiser and haven’t even opened the pot and am lusting after the Institut Esthederm cream! It was great to hear about new products out there and I may even buy the Balance Me face mist – something I have never thought about trying. Many thanks.

  • Eti_Alphabet

    Thank you so much Sali! I love the old-style videos, they just make me feel like I’ve come round yours and we’re chatting over a cuppa. 🙂

    How does the Clinique CC fare with combination skin, do you know? And how does it compare to LM TM in terms of hydrating qualities? I am currently using the oil-free LM TM and am ver impressed by how the colour seems to adapt to my complexion, even though when I put it on it looks like it might be too dark. However, sometimes I feel like I need to pop on some extra moisturiser…

    Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. I hope your boy had a lovely birthday! x

    • Clinique CC is more hydrating. I find I am able to put it on straight over serum, which I can’t do with LM TM – I always put on a moisturiser first.

  • Becky Sharp

    This was my lightbulb beauty moment over at the Guardian, thank you so much (again) for that one and for revisiting it here. It’s made SUCH a big difference to my face, I can’t tell you x

  • Jenna

    I just love your videos Sali, thank you.
    I can’t wait to get to Sydney to try the Clinique CC.

  • MistressL

    Yay! Love any advice for tackling dry/dehydrated skin. Clinique’s Moisture Surge range has done wonders for my skin. Sali looks fabulous as usual!! 🙂

  • La Blaise

    I recently purchased Clinque Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. It’s a bit sticky but it most WORKS. THANKS!!

  • siobhan sentry

    Hi Sali,

    Im certain my skin is oily but dehydrated, products for dry skin cause break outs and products for oily skin cause flaking, it is dull looking and feels dehydrated, Im currently using Keihls bb cream during the day which I think may be too oily for my skin (if I touch my chin I can see oil on my fingers after), can you recommend a good day wear make up for my skin? I also like a full coverage make up when going out at night but find full coverage make up like Mac studio fix (which I love the coverage of) results in dry flakes on my skin….. It’s a nightmare! Can you recommend good make up products or even a good primer I could use which may help? I would love to see a make up video for dehydrated skin 🙂

    • Dehydrated skin doesn’t need different make-up – skincare and primer will prep it properly.

      Most BBs are oil free. Estee Lauder’s Daywear is oil free and one of the best. The MAC foundation is not causing the dry flakes – your skincare regime is. the foundation is only making what’s already there show up. To keep on top of flakiness, make sure you cleanse with a damp flannel and buff lightly as you remove the cleanser. You may need to ramp this up by using an acid or scrub 1-2 times a week, or an exfoliating toner after cleansing. In terms of primer, Smashbox Hydrating primer is brilliant and completely non greasy.


  • Nay Jay

    Brilliant video, thank you 🙂
    My serum has just run out, and I need to buy a new one. I need something for hydration and if it brightens too, all the better. Which would be the best one for £30 or under for normal, 30 year old skin that’s starting to show signs of wear?

  • olwyn in france

    Hi Sally,Thanks .for so much info;I’m 70,will use the institute esthederm stuff,it sounds great and just what I need.Can you suggest a hot cloth cleanser-at the moment I’m using liz earl / elemis – and avene water in the morning.Just for once I don’t mind expensive if it works.Thanks again.

  • Bry

    Hi Sali, This was really interesting – I’m definitely going to try the Nivea primer, or the Superdrug stuff if i can get hold of it. If I use the primer, should that go on after moisturiser, or instead of it? Thanks!

  • vicky

    I’ve been using the super drug night cream for a few months now. Love it! Has replaced my expensive clarins night cream 🙂

  • Claire

    Hi Sali, love your site! Have you any idea if the super drug products will be available on line?

  • Jackie

    Love the site and am getting increasingly skin care and make up obsessed as a result… Wondered what you thought of the Clarins HydraQuench range.

  • Emer

    Hi sali great video! I think my skin is both dry and dehydrated. When i get up in the morning its quite ashen as you describe, but around my nose at the corners is always red and my top lip and chin get breakouts, but doesn’t feel oily . Even after cleanser my face feels tight so was wondering if I can use anything to tackle the problem area at the corner of my nose which is always red?

  • EmsT

    Hi Sali,

    I’ve seen your columns on dehydration and I think that’s my skin care complaint that I cannot seem to tackle!!I’ve normal skin around my cheeks, blackheads on my T-zone( which becomes dry during the winter months) and dryness on my forehead(which looks terrible throughout the day after my make up). I’ve totally changed my skin care routine and I’m now using Liz Earle cleanse and polish, advanced night repair serum and Estee Lauder hydrationist/Day wear spf 15 moisteriser. I’ve started using Idealist pore minimiser serum. I also exfoliate 1-2 days a week. I also have two lines on my forehead which I think are from dehydration. Please help with this dryness on my forehead!!!

  • birdsoffortuity

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Sali!! I am in my early twenties, and suffer from bad hormonal outbreaks and what I thought was dryness. I genuinely thought that this was just my lot and I would have to deal with it. All types of foundation would go on patchy, highlighting all the flaky bits of skin and just seem cakey over any blemishes. Since this column I have bought three products which have changed my skin completely! I have bought the clarins gentle refiner exfoliating cream (I know you just use your jerry cloth, but I needed an intervention by this point!), the superdrug aqua hydrating day cream and the nivea express hydrating primer. The last two in particular have been game changers. My hormonal outbreaks are far more under control, partly because I’ve got rid of all the dead skin, and because I’m no longer using a face cream that’s for dry skin, which was just loading my skin with oil! The face cream and primer are such incredible value for money, and all my makeup just looks so much better- probably how the manufacturer actually intended them to look! On a good day, I actually kind of have nice skin which is a revelation. Just thank you for not accepting any marketing tripe, and making this really important distinction in face care accessible to everyone.

  • Sarah McGiven

    love this video and great tips for diagnosing dryness v dehydration. i wish the ph Advantage range was still available in the UK in stores – their AM/PM Hyaluronic Infusion was the best thing i’ve ever found for combatting dehydration and i’d love to test out more of the range.

  • marta

    Hi Sali, I suffered from Seborrheic dermatitis some time ago and was prescribed steroid creams for the around the eye area. Since then the skin under my eyes became wrinkly – or is it dehydrated? – and most creams I use bring the onset of dermatitis. Maybe apart from Vichy. None of the creams I’ve tried make that area of skin look better though. Any advice?

  • Alicia Sciarra

    Most of these “hydrating” mosturizers have alcohol as an ingredient how will that help?

  • Jess

    Hi Sali, thank you for such a great overview of dehydration vs. dryness. I had been using oils to try to overcome the tight feeling in my skin, all the while not realising it is hydrating products that I really need. Since watching this video I have incorporated hyaluronic acid into my skincare routine and have experienced a wonderful change in my skin. No more tight feeling, it is now plump, soft and even! Burts Bees intense hydration cleansing cream is next on my list as it is easily available here in Sydney, Australia. The Liz Earle C&P is also on my wishlist. 🙂

  • Sara

    Ladies, Superdrug now have the Hydration range online!

    After trying 2 London Superdrugs yesterday thought I would double-check and lo and behold they are now there and in stock. (at least I really hope this is the right one now I’ve bought the range!)
    They’re also doing free delivery until the end of today (usually £3).

    Looking forward to trying this so much, really hope it solves my dehydration woes.

    Thanks for your excellent work Sali, as always!

  • Michaela Sneddon

    The Superdrug day cream that Sali has in the video is on the Superdrug website:

  • Shakira Iqbal

    Hi Sali! I’ve just discovered you on youtube and I couldn’t be happier. I have really dry and dehydrated skin. Recently my eye lids and under eyes have been flaky as well as the rest of my face. My skin feels tight and I have absolutely no colour whatsoever. What would you recommend for me? I’m beginning to get really upset by the way my foundation catches to the dry skin. I have just bought hydrolauron and I use a Liz Earle moisturiser over the top of it, but it’s not doing the trick! HELP!

  • Chloë Wilkinson

    Hello Sali, what are your thoughts on Darphin’s hydraskin serum?

  • Paola Quiroz

    Hi I wanted to know what good hydration product so you recommend for an oily dehydration skin the price doesn’t matter? And what is a good product for acne scars hyper pigmentation?

  • funky.peach

    Hi i’d like to ask that dehydration lines can they form at places like eyelids? cheeks? forehead?

  • mahi

    can you get like the dehydration lines which are fine and crepey like anywhere on your eyelid? forehead? eyes? cheeks?

  • SarahElizabeth

    Great video!
    I have oily/dehydrated skin and am trying to establish a skin routine that works. I just bought the Burts bees line, but wondered if I should also be using a toner, or serum? What is your recommendations?

  • SarahElizabeth

    Great video!
    I have oily/dehydrated skin and am trying to establish a skin routine that works. I just bought the Burts bees line, but wondered if I should also be using a toner, or serum? What is your recommendations?

  • Naomi

    Hi I had a skin analysis done in lloyds pharmacy that revealed I have dehydrated skin… Have you tried avene products as that what was recommended to me…


  • Lizzie

    Hi Sali,
    I’m looking for a budget everyday moisturiser for dehydrated skin which doesn’t have parabens or mineral oil in it. Would the Superdrug range be OK, or do you know of any others that would suit?
    Many thanks!!

  • M

    Dear Sali, love this video! If you were to pick between the Institut Esthederm cream or serum, which would you choose? Thanks so much!

  • Carmel Jones

    I hope that you can help as I am at a bit of a loss with regards to the correct skincare I should be using. I have been using three different moisturisers for years now: Chanel Hydramax, Elemis Procollagen Marine Cream and Decleour HydraFloral. Whist all lovely, none of them really seems to tackle three consistent problems: red, ruddy cheeks; dryness between my eyebrows and my skin’s penchant for drinking in my makeup within 2-3 hours (I have used every department store foundation from Chanel to YSL to Armani). Can you please recommend products (up to £50ish a pop) that will help me out. I also find that if I let even 15 minutes pass between applying my moisturiser and then applying my makeup it feels like I am applying my makeup to bare skin. Bizarrely, except for in the winter, and after a day spent working in a building with cranked up heating, my skin is soft and I rarely get spots. I have recently started using the Vichy serum that you speak so highly of. I’ve found it to be plumping and soothing, but it has not made any difference with regards to the other concerns I mentioned. I would really appreciate your insight and direction.
    C Mckibbin

  • claire

    Hi Sali
    i have just written an email not realising I could ask questions here. Having watched this video I do believe I have both dry and dehydrated skin so I am going to change my routine and start using what you recommend and tell my daughters too as they have in my opinion oily/dehydrated skin. I saw the lamp in the background do you use this whilst applying your make up or do you have a make up mirror as I have a problem with lighting.
    Thanks for your help

  • Rachel

    My skin is very oily but also does feel very dry. I use a topical for acne and take an antibiotic and birth control for my acne. I used to use many more products but tried to cut down because my face felt so dry. Now I am breaking out worse than I ever have. I’m not sure if it is because of the moisturizer I had been using, but I am now using jojoba oil as a moisturizer due to articles and videos I have seen about it helping to slow oil production. Any advice?

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In The Bathroom with Zanna Roberts Rassi Part One

Sali talks to editor and founder of Milk Makeup Zanna Roberts Rassi in her NYC bathroom