Video: In the Bathroom With Caitlin Moran: Part Two

In the second and final part of their interview, Caitlin talks to Sali about body image, massive hair and Daleks.

Part One of Caitlin and Sali’s chat can be found here.

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  • Sherry Trifle

    A fantastic insight Sali -looking forward to the next in the series

  • Malin

    LOVE. Am now googling Khiels frangrances when I should be doing important job seeking things.

  • Fi Beckett

    Never not lolz. Also, me and Cait are totally perfume twins *AIRPUNCH*

  • Ruby Tuesday

    I love Caitlin Moran hard! She’s fucking hilarious and I love her candour in these videos.

  • lippyqueen

    Great interview,love the tights on the radiator.

  • Mariska

    Love this!!

  • Stephanie

    Great feature. Looking forward to more of these.

  • Beklet

    Her message about why she chose to lose weight is fabulous.

  • shivaneeee

    LOVE CAITLIN! Totally hilarious and brilliant.

  • Katrina Murray


  • Velocity Girl

    These two videos have been amazing, can’t wait to see who’s next

  • shannon chalmers

    Please can you list the perfumes mentioned? Couldn’t quite catch the names.

  • Nicola

    Holy cow Caitlin has amazing legs! Loved this interview, two of my favourite women in a toilet, discussing serious feminist issues but having a laugh and being mates x

  • Pepita Caviar

    These two videos were a total joy to watch.

  • Jennie Jordin

    The only thing that makes me sad about the Caitlan videos is that I’m not there drinking Cava with them! Awesome, two fabulous ladies xx

  • Prudence Manor

    Love love love this. I watched it 3 times in a row, and will watch again. We need more videos of women as good as this having fans and funny discussions. Sali, Caitlin, we DEMAND more x

  • Jenna Christen

    This is so brilliant. I love this series – can’t wait to see who is next! Will someone interview you in your bathroom Sali?

  • Felicity Griffin Clark

    These videos are brilliant! They have the same informal feel as the Guardian ones and you guys look like you’re having so much fun!

  • MsMouse

    These videos make me happy! I feel like I’ve come to Caitlin Moran a bit late because I’ve only just read “How to be a Woman” but man, I could listen to the two of you all day.

  • Lindsey Muse

    Really enjoyed these videos!

  • Beanie O’d

    Just watching this again, hilarious.

  • Suzanne Williams

    aw this is so lovely. Looking forward to the next in the series :-) x

  • Devon Clark

    I’ve had some good out loud snorting laughs with my hand pressed firmly over my mouth, as to not wake the rest of the sleeping household. You two are solid gold. x

  • Marjory

    This was utterly fab. I got to it while sitting for hours in Phoenix Airport, and between laughing out loud at this and watching a woman opposite pick her nose and eat it I had a whale of a time. I snorted out loud several times.. Excellent stuff.

  • Samantha Messer

    I really want Caitlin to be my friend, I adored this.

  • Anna Skuse

    Wonderful stuff! Love Chanel No. 5 described as having a ‘pistol in your pants’. Would love to get pissed with Caitlin.

  • scarlettohaira

    Thanks, Sali & Caitlin – I really liked watching you chat in both videos.

    (I think Holly & Phil are genuine friends, though.)

  • Robbie

    I really enjoyed these videos! Very candid and genuine and fun, just two friends chatting. :)

  • Rachel

    This reminds me of the show ‘The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet’ (which I adore). More please xx

  • laulau

    Looking forward to more of these videos Sali! This one is fab. Caitlin is great, very funny & it’s always interesting seeing how other people put on their makeup. More please!!

  • Hannah

    Can we please get a list of the perfumes? I’m having a hard time finding them all.

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