Video: In the Bathroom with Mary Greenwell Pt 2



Products mentioned in this video:

Mary Greenwell fragrance at Harrods

New Chanel foundations (April / May launch)

Japonesque foundation / concealer from £15

Givenchy foundation from £31

Visine eye drops, from £4.40

Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay-on Shadow Paints cream eye shadows, £19

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre cream eye shadows, £23

Tom Ford cream eye shadow (currently unavailable)

Bourjois Paris Color Edition 24h eyeshadow, £6.99

Becca Eye Tint, £19

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder, £33

Sisley Phyto-Blush Eclat, £50

Chanel Joues Contraste powder blusher, £31

Aerin Bronze Illuminating Powder, £34

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Sensai Mascara 38° (volumising) MV1, £23

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Guerlain brush from £24.30

Aerin Brush Essentials Set, £120

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Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadows, £45

Tom Ford Translucent Finishing Powder, £55

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Cocoa Mirage, £62

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palettes, £38

Tom Ford Lip Color, £36

Tom Ford palette (eye and face, Summer 2014)

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Estée Lauder Take it Away cleansers from £22

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  • Debra Brock

    A groaning smorgasbord of skin care. I love it.

    • Ash

      Debra – would you please float a suggestion to Sali for a future vid? Would LOVE to see Mary do her makeup for her book cover!

      • Debra

        I’ll surely ask. And volunteer to carry the kit.

        • Lauren Oakey

          Get in line, Brock.

      • Sali Hughes

        We will be doing a video tutorial, yes. X

        • lovestruck

          you should make me over. i have tonnes of reasons why i would be best, promise.

  • Nic

    Just watched this whilst still in bed. Love love love.

  • Ting

    I need to try that mascara!

  • Alkistis

    This was such a joy to watch!

  • Cee Jay

    This was incredible! She is so so lovely and warm and I love how excited she got showing you then products. Combined with part 1 it’s been such a treat getting an insight into her life – what an amazing woman.

    • Ash


  • Katey gtl

    Absolutely loved this, thank you Sali.

  • Sherry Trifle

    Joyous to watch. But why does Mary keep her makeup by the toilet ?!

  • picolin

    Great fun watch for the weekend with full list of products appear! Thank you very much for that. I need to check her fragrances as soon as possible.

  • Gaynor Chart

    Lord I love her.

  • Est Butterfly McQueen

    I really enjoyed both parts of this. Mary is so engaging: she comes
    across as enthusiastic about products and so kind and positive about the
    people she’s worked with. I’m intrigued by Japanese skincare now.

  • Nicola Rossall

    Really enjoyed hearing about her perfumes. I found her really positive and inspiring to listen to. I’ve seen a video of her doing someone’s make up and I can remember being fascinated by how much she did with her fingers rather than with brushes.

  • Carey Lander

    Shiiiit. I had just fallen back in love with budget make up and now I’ve got the horn for luxury…

  • Pimlicat

    Sali thank you so much for another wonderful vid. You two clearly got on incredibly well. Hope she does do your book cover make up. I also love how Mary has longer hair. For too long society dictated that women over a certain age had to sport a short crop. I think she looks fantastic with her long tresses.

  • Sadie

    She looks gorgeous! Not “for her age”, just gorgeous…

  • Lizzie Balcombe

    Ahhh amazing! I love how this turned into a make up session- precisely what you’d want if you went to visit. I actually laughed out loud when she said “well we’ll need to put some colour back in your cheeks now” and your instant reflex was “do it” haha- perfect. She’s so enthusiastic and positive. Love her.

  • Laura Ann Lawson Heron

    I agree with suqqu lippy! Love it! Thanks for this…

  • Ash

    *Takes out mortgage. Stocks up on Japanese skin care* Who needs to go back to university as a mature student anyway?!

    Awesome video. We need MORE Mary Greenwell I feel. LOVE that she (like me) has piles of books by her bed too. Need to check out her FIRE fragrance. x

  • mimi smith

    What a treat, the woman looks amazing and I loved the way she has her make up broken up into foundation, blush, eyes etc.. Thank you Sali, another great video and a glimpse of Biba too.

  • Margaret QoL

    I thought she came across as having a real integrity and gentleness with steel. Interesting insight on the power of distributors.
    Sali, when she does your make up we insist on a video.

  • Lana Turner

    Both parts of this video have been an absolute joy. Thanks Sali.

  • Bianca

    What a fabulous, fabulous woman! So gorgeous and lovely!
    (I adore the way she says “Yes”. I’ve watched this video three times today.)

  • Fi Nightingale

    Sal, you have ruined me for all future videos. I could watch Mary all day long. In fact, I propose a monthly video where she chronicles her life and times. Also, MARY GREENWELL HAS AGREED, ON CAMERA, TO DO YOUR MAKE UP FOR THE BOOK COVER SCREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAM. And breathe.

    • Ash

      This so much. We need regular MG videos / updates. She’s awesome!

      • Fi Nightingale

        I love her. What a woman.

    • Sali Hughes

      Sadly I’m not going to be on the cover.

      • Sali Hughes

        Well, not sadly. Was my choice. It is a really pretty cover with no picture.

        • Alkistis

          Not even on the back? A bio page?

      • Fi Nightingale

        Oh yeah, forgot that detail. Haha. But you should have a pic on the inside back sleeve. Make up by Mary.

  • Sue

    Loved this so much and quite fancy the Mac lipstick!

  • sugarplumfairy

    That was just pure bliss. Got proper, full on makeup and skincare pangs now but in the best possible way!

  • Lauren Oakey


  • Jane Porter

    I just loved this! And I love Mary Greenwell!

  • jenna

    I totally, totally loved watching this. Thank you so much Sali and crew for these videos. Just brilliant. I love that she constantly recognised that she is completely spoilt – I love the tone in your voice Sali when she pulled out the white TF compact thing asking if you had it and in total awe you replied ‘not yet’.
    SO enjoyable. Will be re watching.

    • Jenna

      I think I really just enjoy watching women happily chat about skin care and beauty. I have no one IRL to do that with, so I just love these videos.

    • Sali Hughes

      I do actually have it, as Biba informed me later on. I hadn’t seen it yet and felt a bit unprepared. That’ll teach me not to go through the post in a timely manner.

  • Carolyn Carter-Cash

    Loved it. Mary is truly fabulous. Oh for an afternoon pottering in that bathroom! The thorough approach to the product listing is very satisfying also.

  • lovestruck

    i LOVE her! ‘I hate lies’ – brilliant! she seems like such a genuine person, such a girl’s girl. I love the mix of her honesty about her insecurities combined with her confidence about aging etc. also love her no-nonsense approach mixed with her kindness. she doesn’t forget that not everyone has got tonnes of money either – really liked the fact that she made sure to mention some cheaper options! really like that – feel that she wants beauty and makeup to be inclusive.

    very interested in japanese beauty now…. this combined with the guardian column.

    i have a question though – sali, when you do these videos, how tempted are you to buy and try new products based on what others love? e.g. did you have to go and buy that sensei (sp?) mascara straight away? or do you know based on what they love whether or not you have the same tastes if that makes sense?

  • Tiziana

    Thanks Sali!

  • Janesettia

    Wonderful. Thank you Mary and thank you Sali.

  • Guest

    Brilliant video! Infectious fun

  • Brilliant video! Infectious fun. Oooh look at all those goodies

  • Ess2013

    Fantastic video x

  • Marybeth Ali

    I love her! This was truly inspiring. Thank you!

  • rebecca_gtl

    Loved both videos and desperately want to test her perfumes they sound amazing!

  • Singers

    What an absolute treat! Sali, you seemed so at ease with her. Mary comes across as such a warm spirit, great fun, full of life as well as being super-smart and talented. I love how highly she speaks of the people she’s connected, worked or partnered with and I bet it’s a mutual respect and admiration. She’s so, so warm, I love her!

  • Hollie

    Lord I want it all, an dpurely because of the sound of her voice as she’s talking about it. She could probably sell me ice in Antartica.

  • mrs doyle

    What a delight to watch! So glad that some of her recommendations are at what I consider an affordable level… I predict a boom in sensai sales after those glowing reviews! I can’t wait to get my hands on some. Did anyone catch which Tom ford lipstick she chose?

  • Kittie K

    Just watched Part 1 and Part 2. Such a delight. Thank you. I loved watching Sali and Mary squee over favourite products. Completely infectious. Thanks for the product list too. Japanese skincare (all of it) has gone right to the top of my want list.

    • hannahlubell

      I read that as ‘wank list’.

  • Cuntpuffin

    Thank you for this, it was brilliant. And thank you for taking the time to write out the products!

  • Cuntpuffin

    Ooh and prices and links!

  • Ellen

    I fell head over heels with Queen Mary when I saw her on Lisa Eldridge’s vids. I love the way she slaps everything on so casually but she knows exactly what she is doing. Got to love how she strews all that high end make up all over her toilet with gusto. I could watch her all day. Sali please film her doing you whole make up!

  • pfrankie

    LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! Thank you, Sali and Mary.

  • Beanie O’D

    What a wonderful woman. I loved this, it really cheered me up this morning.

  • Lindsey

    Love this video! Mary is a fascinating woman and I feel like I could listen to her stories all day long! Could you add a list of the items she mentioned around her bathtub please, inc her brushes? Do you personally think that the Sensai and SKII are worth the £££? Thanks, Lindsey

  • Kate Crowther

    I love Mary so much.

  • Kate Crowther

    And Fi, she uses face wipes. 😉

  • The late Fred Feast

    I’d certainly like to get in the bath with Sali and Mary! #TopWankFantasy

  • Jo Adams

    Oh balls, I need to buy all this stuff now. LOVED this video – I’ve followed Mary on Instragram for ages and it’s so nice to see what she is actually like – AMAZING. Love, love, love. Thank you.

  • young at heart

    Mary Greenwell…….she is why I became a make up artist and I was lucky enough to meet her in NY….happy daze… word, amazing!!

  • Victoria K13

    The most fabulous video and woman. I could watch this again and again. Thanks Sali! X

  • Only just got around to watching part 2. Just soooo entertaining and wonderful and sweet and delicious in every single way possible. Nice one Sali x

  • widowspider

    Mary is brilliant. Proper old school bossy Head Girl type but so warm and funny and kind. Great storyteller too!

  • Sinead O’Rebellion

    Fan-ruddy-tastic. Really enjoyed both of these videos, thank you. Have ordered samples of lemon and plum perfumes from her website.

  • l yamasaki

    i am so interested in that japanese hair brush. are you able to tell us the name of it? thank you! l yamasaki

  • Nadia

    This is great!! Please do more of these…. What a wonderful, warm, exila
    raitng energy!!!!

  • Zara Karaduman

    I just went back and re watched these videos after seeing Mary do a recent video with Lisa Eldridge – i feel like the In the Bathroom series is one i can watch over and over again, everytime i learn/see something new. (P.S if you could do one with Lisa it would be amazing!)

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