Video: Perfumes


Products mentioned in this video:

Jo Malone candles (Blackberry and Bay on the mantlepiece)

Diptyque candles especially Baies

Bella Freud Ginsberg is God candle

Prada Infusion d’Iris

Chanel no 5

Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist

Miller Harris La Pluie, Terre d’Iris, Le Petit Grain

Shay and Blue Atropa Belladonna

Diptyque Philosykos

Guerlain L’Instant

Chanel L’Exclusif 28 La Pausa, Jersey, 1932

Frederic Malle L’Eau d’Hiver, Une Fleur de Cassie

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, Shanghai Lily, Rive d’Ambre

Atelier Cologne Neroli

Estée Lauder Modern Muse

Narciso Rodriguez for Her

Armani Privé Figuier Eden

YSL Rive Gauche

Aerin Lauder Gardenia Rattan

Jo Malone Iris and Lady Moore, Blackberry and Bay, French Lime Blossom


Guerlain Mitsouko

Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose

Byredo La Tulipe

Roja Dove Vetiver Extrait

Annick Goutal L’Eau d’Hadrien







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  • Debra Brock

    I want all the perfumes. All of them. *Gollum face*

  • Goldie

    Looking hot Sali. Very interesting video, thats a HUGE collection of scent. Totally agree with your comments about different scents for different moods. As usual Im now sold on the idea of checking out new perfumes *sheep face*

  • Emma

    Why hasn’t smell-a-vision been invented yet?

  • Elsie Tanner

    Will I get kicked out if I admit to loving perfume more than make up……?

    • Sali Hughes

      God no.

      • Elsie Tanner


  • Laura Ann Lawson Heron

    Ooh, I now have so,e alternatives to my beloved chanel no. 5 to try! Love your decpration! I love my makeup out on my vanity for the same reason, I buy high end stuff partly because I love the packaging and having it all out in a pretty location makes me very happy when putting it on.

    • Laura Ann Lawson Heron

      I just ran upstairs to put on chanel no 5, I am in stables clothes, and prolly smell of horse. Now I smell of rich old lady horse….

      • mary fitzsimons

        Chanel no 5 is for me a granny perfume, and not in a good way .

        • Guest

          More for me then.

          • Laura Ann Lawson Heron

            That was me, btw.

        • Kisnatek

          In that case you could try Chanel’s Bois des Iles – it has all the good bits of No 5 and none of the granny-ness. Lovely sandalwood and great lasting power.

  • Caroline P

    Love. Love. Love. Wonderful video. I’m obsessed by Jo Malone scents and have the following on my dressing table:
    – Pomegranate Noir (my wedding fragrance and favourite autumn scent)
    – French Lime Blossom (my first Jo Malone purchase 10 years ago and I still love it)
    – Orange Blossom (my new spring favourite)
    – Osmanthus Blossom (now nearly finished – limited edition last year and wore it all spring 2013)
    – Dark Amber & Ginger Lily (my regular evening/weekend fragrance)
    – Oud & Bergamot (another evening fragrance)

    Also love their Velvet Rose & Oud scent, which I’m out of at the moment but will purchase again the in autumn. I’m told they are releasing another blossom fragrance in May and will have to check that out when it gets released!

    Really interested in everyone else’s collections!

    • Gabi Jones

      I love my Osmanthus Blossom! I bought it in the smaller size and am now regretting it as mine is running low too. I’ll have to ration it as it is divine and really does smell like spring!

    • lovestruck

      so interested in your jo malone collection! discovered jm scents last year and blackberry and bay is my new fave perfume, but when i found it, i was so bowled over that i didn’t try any of the others, i just counted the days till i could get b&b! can’t wait to try some more!

      • Caroline P

        Thanks! I love the simplicity of JM scents and being able to layer different ones together. Have fun trying more out!

        Worth noting that their limited editions sell out quite quickly, but they often have sample bottles in store before the release which you can test with and then buy online when they get released 🙂

  • Jackie Gunner

    I had no idea that we had so much in common fragrance-wise Sali. So many of your favourites are also my favourites. Mine live in my knicker drawer though. *polishes perfume loving halo*

  • Fantastic video, although now I’m insanely jealous! I love L’air de Rien by Miller Harris and Elie Saab. I really, really would like Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge, but it’s eye wateringly expensive!

  • Karen French

    I have mantelpiece & fragrance envy.

  • christiane

    What make up are you wearing in this video? It looks beautiful.

  • Donna Sams

    I have a fireplace just like that. The mantlepiece however does not hold the same contents. WHERE DID I GO WRONG IN MY LIFE?

  • Linda.Belinda

    I looove this video and the new custom of having videos on Saturday morning!

    I have few perfumes, all kept in my nightstand, away from light. I don’t own so many – which is good for me,

    My all time favorite is also Eau d’Hiver, but it has unfortunately finished so i need to buy it again. Otherwise: Serge Lutens A La Nuit for the evening, Mitsouko and Chamade by Guerlain, Aqua Allegoria Pampelune for summer. Right now, my everyday perfume is Chamade -actually, for me it is a bit of a black dress of perfume. I can’t see why i would not wear it in any occasion.

    I know i will get SL Feminite du Bois and probably En Passant by Frederic Malle, as i smelled them in the last years and remember their perfume vividly. This is a good test for me – if i remember the scent and want to wear it again.

    • Linda.Belinda

      now i see i didn’t finish a phrase: i want to say that i don’t think i can handle more than 3-4 perfumes.It would be too much agony to choose. Samples are ok, as i they don’t imply commitment, but i like the certainty and stability of a favorite perfume for every day. Also, the lack of thinking implied by just taking my beloved bottle and spraying. i would be lost with the mantelpiece.

  • Nic

    Phwoar and Cor. Would.

  • Gabi Jones

    Loved this Sali!

    Perfume is my #1 indulgence. There’s no feeling like getting home with a new bottle and giving it a good sniff before putting it in it’s place on the shelf.

    My current obsession is with Jo Malone Blue Agava and Cocoa – I just love the way the scent sweetens on the skin as the day goes by, really bringing out the cocoa and I find it’s much longer lasting than her other colones.

  • betsymartian

    I so wish I had it in me to be this knowledgeable about perfumes. I only have two, and I wear them day and night, when I remember to wear them at all. I have Chanel Chance (a well loved gift) which I suppose I wear when I feel like the knowledge that i’m wearing Chanel might empower me, and Molecule 01 which smells like L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil on me, which I love anytime, day or night. This is all an improvement on my previous collection which consisted of a forgotten bottle of Georgio Armani White for Her which I loved when I first found it and then somehow lost the taste for.

    My Chanel lives in the bathroom medicine cabinet, and my Molecule 01 lives beside my end of the sofa, in its travel case.

  • Carol Doolan

    Great video, love the ideas you’ve given me for new scents and can’t wait to go find Rive Gauche, I haven’t smelt it in years, to see what memories it brings back!

  • Nic

    Will never tire of: Volutes Diptyque
    This screams ‘Summer’: Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess
    For the most compliments: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
    Solid go to’s: Aerin Amber Musk and Tom Ford Shanghai Lily
    Scent of my youth: Classique Jean Paul Gaultier
    Chilling around the house: Laura Mercier Fresh Fig
    On the wish list: Chanel No 5 and Infusion d’Iris
    Discontinued but used to love: Montana by Charles of the Ritz

  • alex monteny

    So much fun to be guided round your fireplace like this. I’m a jasmin fan, have been since I was a teenager, apparantly. I only discovered that every single perfume I have ever bought and worn has jasmine in it a few years ago, and now I specifically look for them. I’m not a very girly girl in how i dress or behave, so I can get away with very flowery scents, I feel. Daytime and summer is Oléne by Dyptique, and I’m still upset that Jo Malone discontuinued her Honeysuckle and Jasmine. I also like Jardin Blanc by Maitre Parfumier et Gantier. Gelsonimo by Aque di Parma is a recent favorite, very sweet, and I bought Le Labo Jasmin 17 in Liberty’s last year. But the best jasmine in the world is Sarrasins by Serge Luytens. Dirty, sexy and purple, no Prince-fan can resist that.

    • Kisnatek

      Agree on Sarrasins 🙂 dirty and so lovely!

    • widowspider

      Have you tried Jasmin et Cigarette by Etats Libre D’Orange? I fookin love that. So grubby and dirty and sexy.

      • alex monteny

        I grew up with two smoking parents, and after 18 years of having everything I own smell of cigarettes, I have developed quite an aversion for that smell in the subsequent 26 years of my life. I have tried Jasmin et Cigaretees, in a very posh Italian perfumerie, hoping it might be a combination of my favorurite flower and some nostalgia, But I did not like it, sadly.

  • huffle

    I’m a bit confused as to why people keep repeating Estee Lauder’s claim that Modern Muse is their first pillar fragrance in a decade. Ahem, Sensuous, 2008?
    Otherwise, a totally lovely video, thank you Sali. I love your taste in perfume.

    • huffle

      Oh, and I was thrilled to see Une Fleur de Cassie, which I think is under-appreciated but incredible. Do you like Le Parfum de Therese, Sali? That’s my other Malle favourite, and a brilliant chypre to boot.

  • Hollie

    I wish I could be one of these people who just has a signature scent and every time somebody smells it they think of me… but no. I want ALL THE PERFUMES and I couldn’t possibly travel without at least 3 (because how do I know what mood I’ll be in?).

    • Kisnatek

      Exactly! I carry a few with me in 2ml sample bottles that I can fill and re-fill, plus a Chanel in a Travalo. How could you know in advance which one you need?

    • Debra Brock

      I tried the signature scent thing but I got bored. Also your nose can no longer smell it after a while. Fragrance wardrobe for the win.

  • Jenny Moss

    This makes me feel so much better about my extensive perfume collection.

  • picolin

    Thank you for sharing this! My collection is quite small compared to yours, still, I prefer change the scent by season. I feel like shelve Bois de Violette by Serge Lutens and take Cristalle by Chanel.

  • betsymartian

    Is there a particularly good place to get perfume samples from in the UK, does anyone know? I’d like to try some of the perfumes Sali describes in this video. I’ve only bought one set of samples before and that was from Lucky Scent but I think that came from the USA. Googling shows me lots of websites about freebies and I know a lot of shops send samples with purchase but I’m happy to pay for a reputable source, especially if I can just chuck a load of scents of my choice in the basket and get them all delivered together.

  • Mel

    What… Dior! Surely Diorella!

  • Louise B

    My favourite type of video – perfume and also an insight into what you actually wear. I like chypres but also rose fragrances, at the moment I love Rose De Rosine – very old lady handbag! I will always wear Philosykos and Fico de Amalfi, can’t get enough of the summery figgy-ness.

  • Kati

    Was just going to say Rive Gauche reminded me of my mum in the 70s!!!!! Bang on with the leather and powder description. Are you good at wine tasting? You must be one of these people the class as a super senser.

  • Nina

    Fab video, thank you. I can’t wear chanel no.5 as my mother in law wears it. As much as I love her, I can’t smell of her!
    I wear clarins eau Dynamisante and have been searching for a new scent. I think from your vid, Tom Ford maybe the way to go, or Rive Gauche.

  • Alkistis

    It’s always great to hear you talk about perfume, Sali. Your love of the subject really comes across. You are warm and enthusiastic about them and stroke the bottles lovingly as you describe the scents. The video was an absolute joy to watch, so thank you!

  • Sue

    I used to have my perfume on my mantelpiece, but a picture above dropped off the wall and knocked them all off. The only one that smashed was the full bottle of Mitsouko! They now live on my dressing table. What a gorgeous collection though and a lot that I really love.

  • Sam Long

    Surprised/disappointed that Molecule 01 isn’t on that envy-inducing mantelpiece.

  • Dolly Daydreem

    Yay, always love your videos :). My favourite fragrance and signature scent is Maroussia. It was launched in 1992 and I can only ever buy it online. I love having a scent that practically no one else wears and it’s had many (positive) comments from men over the years!

    It’s described on fragrantica as “intensive oriental with the rich floral heart and woody – balmy base…Aldehydes, bergamot, orange blossom and peach are at the top notes; heliotrope, jasmine, rose, lily-of-the-valley, orchid, iris, tuberose and ylang-ylang in the heart; and amber, benzoin, cedar, civet, musk, sandalwood, Tonka bean and vanilla at the base.”

    It’s really hard for me to try new fragrance on this island. Apart from chemists, with the “novelty” celeb name perfume ranges, there is only (one) Boots on the island. Even then, one is practically wrestled to the ground if attempting to smell them!

    Guess I’m just destined to wear my signature scent, until I win the lottery and can go on my rampage though Selfridges beauty hall 😉

  • Betty Chickens

    I love that you are so knowledgeable about these. And they look so pretty lined up. I keep mine out as well…but I only have 4 so doesn’t have quite same impact.

  • Bee Wyeth

    Very interesting mantlepiece! I confess to being a perfume addict and my big (very big) collection lives in it’s own cupboard – but I have been collecting for 40 years! I disagree that Rive Gauche was the first perfume marketed directly to women as I believe Estee Lauder was doing that from the 1950s. She really encouraged women to buy for themselves and ‘invented’ the whole gift with purchase phenomenon. I am glad you like the return to ‘real’ perfume – my collection leans very much towards the strong, statement perfumes that envelope you in richness and glamour. Perfume really does do wonders for a persons mood and confidence – it’s a bit of magic that we can carry with us everyday.

  • Ana

    I would love to have my perfums in such a lovely display but I had a bad experience with a very expensive bottle of perfum and my son so all of them are in a close cabinet in my bedroom, it’s good to know that is good for them. My favourite right now is Hermes Un Jardin su le Nil, a beautiful smell for these dark and dump days.

  • wine&crisps&writing

    I want the perfumes and also the bedroom, looks just lovely

  • Kisnatek

    Lovely video, Sali, so nice to have a peek into someone else’s extensive perfume collection. Makes me feel much better about mine on the day I confessed to my partner that two new bottles I have ordered are on their way, and he replied, “oh woman they’ll go bad on you!” What does he know? 🙂 I’m wearing them day and night – I just love sniffing perfume on my wrists (different ones, of course) as I drift off to sleep.

    This is my collection. If I could have only one perfume for the rest of my life, which one would I pick? It would be a tough choice between Bois des Iles, Angel, and Putain des Palaces. I can’t decide..

    Chanel: Bois des Iles and No 5 Eau Premiere
    Patricia de Nicolai: Musc Intense and Kiss Me Tender
    Serge Lutens: La Myrrhe and Jeux de Peau

    Etat Libre d’Orange: Putain des Palaces and Noel au Balcon (this latter one is my favourite at bedtime, such a soothing, happy scent)
    Mona di Orio: Musc
    Guerlain: Shalimar and Herba Fresca
    Madonna: Truth or Dare Naked (wonderful cocoa scent that cost 10$)
    Le Labo: Neroli 36

    One on my wishlist is Francis Kurkdjian Oud, I’m waiting for a special occasion to gift myself with it as it’s expensive.

  • katycoo

    that i can’t smell this video is driving me to distraction, also i went out for lunch and sadly i smell of burger. damn you hughes (so lovely)

  • Ash

    Pleased to see that you have Narciso Rodriguez and that you also like Armani Prive scents. I prefer the EDP version of Narciso Rodriguez for her though and this has been my go-to scent for 10 years now. (And I DO wear this during the day.) As for Armani Prive – Vetiver Babylone, Oranger Alhambra and Cedre Olympe are my favourites.

    I also feel rather inspired to go perfume shopping/sniffing, even if I don’t buy anything (as I rather like what I already have). It would still be nice to know what else is out there. (Very keen to try out Sicilian Limes.) I also think, in light of the blusher and lipstick porn threads we have on the forum, that we should now start a perfume one!

    This was such a wonderful video to watch and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you, Sali. x

  • sheepie

    I’m becoming a real fan of the older Guerlain scents and Shalimar is my current favourite. It’s very beautiful, and I particularly love it today because my current squeeze recognised it and commented on it last night. He knows nothing about scent and cares less (his signature scent is Right Guard with a faint hint of roll-up and motorbike), but if he knows and loves a perfume from having smelled it on me only once before it must be even more special than I thought.

  • Fiona

    Your collection is like an art installation with the little boys in place as the Perfume Overseers.

  • Rea

    I love Guerlain’s Samsara, Tom Ford’s Jasmin Rouge, Bulgari’s Jasmin Noir, Dyptique Eau Lente and L’Ombre Dans L’Eau, Flower by Kenzo, Annick Goutal’s Eau D’Hadrien, Artisan Parfumeur’s Safran Troublant, Atelier Cologne’s Grand Neroli, and for summer Jil Sander’s SUN.
    I LOVE perfume too. Thanks for the inspiration, Sali.

  • Eugene Koh

    I have been meaning to thank you, Sali for introducing Guerlain to me as a great perfume house. (I watched it in one of your videos) I went to Guerlain and tried out perfumes the way you advised and took my time. Finally purchased “floral romantique”. I love it. I am in London for work and trying to go buy any skincare/makeup/perfume I could only here. Any recommendations?

    * Serge Lutens – five o’clock au gingembre
    * Penhaligon’s – juniper sling
    * Guerlain – floral romantique

  • 40something

    I loved watching this. The perfume I am most in love with right now, which I think is my favourite ever, is Frederic Malle’s Drues Van Noten. I have the Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay and I really like it although in general I find Jo Malone Fragrances a bit disappointing as they don’t seem to last long, at least not on me. I do love the candles though, and Diptique candles – my favourite is Tubereuse. My favourite Jo Malone candle was Jasmine which is discontinued. Another favourite fragrance of mine is MAC Vanilla, I love it. I bought it for a special occasion about ten years ago and now I only dig it out quite occasionally and it always brings back lovely memories. I have no idea if MAC sill make it. If I go off a fragrance before I’ve finished the bottle, which doesn’t happen often, I use it as a room spray.

  • Rochelle

    Love the video and your perfume collection. You can really tell that fragrance is a passion of yours – your descriptions are so vivid and evocative. I have similar taste in perfume to you so I’m always on the look out for new recommendations. Thank you! x

  • hmmachin

    i think love fragrance as much as you do Sali, and have a small collection of favourites, i think i’ve got the last bottle in the world of Romeo Giglis perfume in the dark red bottle with the copper pointy lid. smells grown-up, sophisticated but with a primitive undercurrent, reminds me of good sex……and i search it out on the internet! the fragrance that is, Next is Le Labos Labdenum 18, then there are the ouds, Le Labos Oud 27 and Ex Idolo 33. both divine but sometimes challenging for people, but who cares, i wear perfume for myself mainly. On the lighter side i have Miller Harris La Fume, Jo Malones French Lime Blossom, and i also love a deep bath with Penhaligons Bluebell.

  • lovestruck

    oh my how i want to buy more perfumes… my collection seems so pathetic!

    My everyday ‘signature’ scent is dkny pure. i wear the pure vert in the summer.

    I have recently got hugo boss jour and nuit and pretend that i am gwynnie when i wear either. i haven’t fooled anyone yet sadly. weirdly, i wear jour in work when i want to feel ‘boss’-y. when i write it, it sounds so much more foolish than it did in my head.

    My favourite scent is jo malone blackberry and bay. I wear it on ‘best’ days – birthday, christmas and special date days. i love it.

    I would love recommendations for scents to fill my ‘perfume wardrobe’ please – i love fruit and citrus and clean, light stuff, and i also love vanilla and the more wintery spices like clove, nutmeg and anise. i don’t have a flower i like and don’t tend to go for sweet floral smells and i’m not really into leather or wood like Ms Hughes.

    also tips for perfume spritzing would be great – 1 squirt or ten? where on your body do you put your perfume?

    • lovestruck

      by the way i realise these are not v posh and prob not proper, traditional perfumes, but my budget is limited!

  • Jane Porter

    I love perfume: especially at the moment Eau Duelle and Chanel Beige.

  • Avocado

    Brilliant! I have watched this a few times, I love hearing you talk about perfume. My perfume wardrobe is: Dior Dune, Lauder Spellbound, Lanvin Rumeur 2 Rose, Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia, Guerlain Samsara and La Petite Robe Noir, Le Senteurs Gourmandes Vanille Bourbon and 4160 Tuesdays ‘Over the Chocolate Shop’ and various samples from same perfumer…

  • cindy

    Love Mitsouko best, but also on my shelf: Bal a Versailles, Terre by Hermes (unisex and fresh), Eau de Sud by Annick Goutal and Bobbie Brown’s Beach – both summer perfumes which I spritz in winter when I particularly have to convince myself that summer’s a’comin’. Le Lobo Neroli 36, which warms up fantastically and is my husband’s fave on me. Great video, Sali, and as others have said, your make-up looks ace.

  • Ruby Scarlett

    This is fab, thankyou! Lipstick Rose is unbelievable – it’s like Parma violets.

  • Reddest_Roar

    God, I know nothing. Puts my one Chloe perfume to shame…

  • Rosie Wilson

    Also a La Pluie fan here but I just discovered Tom Ford scents and now I am destined to be bankrupt for ever.

  • jojojo

    So excited when I saw the perfume favourites vid – I’m obsessed with scent! Guerlain and Chanel are my favourites from the big brands, and I love the Frederic Malle line (got the complete sample collection from Christmas – best present ever!) and Serge Lutens from the niche.
    My current top picks are Bois des Iles and Coromandel (Chanel), L’Heure Bleue, Insolence and Apres l’Ondee (Guerlain), Tolu (Ormonde Jayne), Portrait of a Lady and Musc Ravageur (from the Malle line), Chergui (Lutens) and Seville a l’Aube (l’Artisan). Not sure what this says about me (other than that I like big pongs)! Every perfume makes me feel a slightly different way. If I have a tough day ahead and I want to feel in control, I wear Coromandel and feel like a king. Bois des Iles is a wintry luxury: classic Chanel aldehydes on top but then a surprising base of gingerbreadiness. Portrait of Lady makes me feel just that. L’Heure Bleue is just this wonderful juxtaposition of bright spring day and dusty library for me. When I’m having a strong independent streak I’ll go Insolence or Chergui. Tolu is a new find and it is a lush, modern, distinctive oriental.

  • jojojo

    PS I’ve just started scenting my pillow before I go to sleep at night. Something light (and not too expensive!) like Tocade by Rochas. It might sound bonkers, but it’s lovely to lay in a comforting scent, it fills the room for sometime after, it lasts longer on material than it would on your skin and the alcohol dries off before your head hits the pillow so you get a nice swish of scented hair the next day, without spritzing directly on your head and therefore drying your hair.

    • lovestruck

      over the past couple of nights i have totally been doing this too, with olbas oil. that counts, right?

  • Edna

    I love Sali’s wallpaper- anyone know what it is?

  • Karen

    I really love Angel, and Escada’s Island Kiss, which smells like summer on the beach, but I haven’t found my ideal, light daytime perfume. I like Jo Malone’s scents, but they don’t seem to last long on me.

  • duddlesT

    This is my favourite video of yours so far Sali, I adore perfume but my collection is so tiny, I will be adding to it after watching your video that’s for sure. I am not one for perfumes that are too flowery and sweet, I have a couple of Jo Malone fragrances that I use in the summer that are definitely floral, but not too sweet in my opinion, they are Red Roses and English Pear and Fresia, my favourite of the two is Red Roses, I must admit to loving anything to do with roses though, fragrance, look and taste are all beautiful. I have Tom Ford Café Rose and that is my absolute favourite rose perfume – did I spy it on your mantelpiece? I also have Acqua Di Parma Magnolia Nobile, this was a present from my husband and not one I would necessarily have chosen but I do like it, I also have Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo, also a present from my husband, I have Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino and I much prefer that to the Acqua Di Parma fragrance, I adore the Tom Ford for the summer. I also love and have Diptyque’s Philosykos, fig is another big fragrance favourite of mine and I wear this one most days, it’s my daily “go to” fragrance. I have three Chanel perfumes, No 5 (of course!), Coco Noir (love that in the evenings) and Coco Mademoiselle which I have had for ages and don’t tend to wear so much these days. I also love a Chanel perfume. On my perfume wish list is Chanel 1932, and I absolutely love Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, I know it’s a man’s scent so I will probably buy it for my husband and if he doesn’t wear it, I will! I loved what you said about Rive Gauche, I can vividly remember that distinctive bottle i on my mum’s dressing table in the 70’s and loving it, I will definitely be purchasing that next, not just for the gorgeous fragrance but for the memories it will evoke. I could also bang on about candles, but I will leave that another day, suffice to say I love all the ones you have and have them too except for the Bella Freud which I have just ordered from Space NK.

  • Ava

    Loved this video; i want EVERYTHING

  • emma_pad

    Wonderful video and I am filled with perfume envy. I think the thing that is most wonderful about scent is how evocative it is. Opium is my mum while I was growing up, now it’s Amarige. Lacoste is my dad, Old Spice is my grandad. I have a little bottle of Eau Dynamisante that I think is a bit Old Spice, that’s why I love it. I don’t know if it’s supposed to smell like that or if it’s gone off?

    I’m into Coco and Coco Noir. I am trying to do the signature scent thing, but now I just want to have a trawl through Jo Malone instead.

  • pfrankie

    Sali, your passion for fragrance is utterly captivating! I am now looking forward to adding to my tiny collection.
    I’m sure I’ve seen you mention a book about fragrance before but cannot remember what it is. Would love to know as I can feel a new obsession fast approaching!

  • Susanne

    That thing about putting candles in the freezer:for how long? And is it just the first time? Great post by the way.

  • Ella

    Sali, what nail polish are you wearing here please? It’s gorgeous.

  • widowspider

    You’ve given me a massive craving to create a perfume collection. I currently have 2. Need moar!

  • Tweetypie

    And what lipstick?

  • Hattie Kennedy

    Phwoar, this was brilliant. I’m going to have to order some samples now as so many of your favourites are also my own, so I think I might love some of these you mentioned.

  • The late Fred Feast

    You can’t beat a good spray of Old Spice in my book.

  • Eugene Koh

    Finally! Got the Shay & Blue *Sicilian Lime *Blood Orange *Almond Cucumber. Can’t get these in NY.
    Excited to try them all. 🙂

  • Jess Y

    Thanks Sali ! Love this vid ! I had been scrutinising your posts and pics before, trying to know which would “graduate” to your mantelpiece. And I particularly loved some recommendations you made before:
    – Diptyque’s Philosykos
    – Chloe’s Eau de Chloe
    – Diptyque’s L’Ombre dans L’eau

    But personally I prefer Guerlain’s Shalimar to Mitsouko — despite they somehow smell similar …

  • I remember my first perfume: Tartine et Chocolat. It was so lovely. Do they still sell it?!

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Sali chats to top makeup artist Dick Page in his NYC bathroom about his amazing career.

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