My Face: Rebekah Staton


The Raised by Wolves star and self-confessed beauty enthusiast spills out her desert island product stash.


10444820-4894294078820721Kerastase Chroma Riche, from £14.85

Once upon a time I couldn’t see the point in a pricey shampoo. Then, 10 years ago, I began having my hair done by Zoe at Paul Edmonds; I blame her for my Chroma Riche dependency. When I’m working I wash my hair with this everyday. It’s light, smells wonderful, and for folks with flyaway fine hair like me, it banishes bad hair days for good.


10006321Sudocrem, £2.49

Good old Sudocrem. We know it’s great for all sorts of skin complaints. A make-up artist friend recommended that once in a while, a Sudocrem face mask, applied thick and left on for 20 mins can really soothe tired skin. I wasn’t entirely sure at first but … it works! And I like the lavender fragrance too.

101_fruities1_ukLanolips 101 Ointment in Strawberry, £7.99

I like the texture and strawberry smell, I follow it with my new favourite nude lipstick, Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color in “Washed Seashell”. They’re a winning combination.

SB_C1JH_430Smashbox Telephoto Brush, £39

The latest addition to my handbag. A foundation brush with different settings depending on the coverage you want, be it full, medium or sheer, and the compact design means my brush stays clean and fits into my makeup case easily. <I can vouch for the amazingness of this – Sali>

Cetaphil_Gentle_Skin_Cleanser_236ml_1366301791.pngCetaphil Cleanser, £8.35

I have sensitive, combination skin. This is a calming clearing cleanser that’s cost effective too. It’s fragrance free and doesn’t block my pores. The packaging isn’t fancy but the product never fails.

Rose_Body-Lotion_528px-x-676px1Paul Edmonds Cashmere Rose de Mai & Patchouli Body Lotion, £23

I warn you once you try this, you might not bother with anything else again. It has this luxurious texture that soaks into the skin quickly. The pretty scent lasts all day, and the quality ingredients (rich in vitamins and amino acids) have an obvious transformative effect on the skin. Gorgeous.

Tanya_Burr_Everyday_Flutter_False_Eyelashes_1439823308Tanya Burr Everyday Flutter lashes, £5.49

These were given to me by Clare Golds, my makeup designer on “Raised by Wolves”. We both like a subtle look and use half lashes just in the corner to open up my eyes. These are just as good as the more expensive kind and the glue that comes with them is lasting too.

Sunday Riley Good Genes, £85

US300023215_SUNDAY-2I haven’t been able to stop going on about Good Genes since I first tried it. I am now into lots of the products in the Sunday Riley range, but it is a pricey addiction! On the plus side, the packaging is pretty and most importantly the products have made a real difference to my skin.


Fake_Bake_60_Minutes_Self_Tan_Liquid_236ml___Professional_Mitt_1366392971.pngFake Bake 60 Minutes Self Tan, £21.20

I describe my pale skin tone as “White blue”, and for a special occasion it needs lots of help to warm up a bit. This Fake Bake 60 works quickly, and goes on best with the mitt that comes with it. It looks sun kissed, not orange, and lasts for days.


Chanel Coco eau de parfum, £49

S123460_XLARGEI have quite the Perfume collection, but if I had to settle on one forever it would be Coco Chanel. It reminds me of my lovely Mum Pamela, who also wears it. It’s never failed to transport me into a great mood.


Raised by Wolves returns to C4 early next year. Don’t Tell The Bride, voiced by Rebekah, is repeated weeknightly on BBC Three.


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