My Four Product Face: Sam Baker

2012 eds letter pic-fixed

The best selling novelist, columnist, editor and brand consultant chooses her can’t-live-without beauty staples.

1. Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF35 in Light, £28

I’ve got lucky skin and never wear foundation other than for photo shoots. BB cream does the job on top of regular moisturiser – very light coverage and enough concealer to even things out. I’ve tried a few BBs but Bobbi’s is the best I’ve found.

2. Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara in black, £16
I have no eyes, period, so mascara is a non-negotiable. Because my lashes are almost blonde and stunted, any of those mascaras that give you dolly lashes make me look ridiculous. I love this Clinique mascara precisely because it doesn’t. It looks like real lashes, only more defined.

3. Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde, £2.99
I’m a pale redhead, so brow pencil is another essential. This Rimmel one is cheap as chips and a great colour for me. It’s one of those things it’s insane to pay more for.

4. Aerin Multi Color For Lips & Cheeks, £30
This is the very definition of the product you didn’t know you needed until you discovered it. I didn’t even bother with blusher before I got my mitts on this. Now I wouldn’t be without it. I’ve had it for seven months, use it daily and it’s still practically full.



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